Internet Fame

Today the internet is a place for any musician to share his/her music. It’s a place where It doesn’t matter what your name is (The Rock, Wrestlemania XV 1999) or if you are a good or bad musician. If you are likable, or funny chances are you will get an following and if not, someone out there will probably still see what you have uploaded anyway.

There are many artists out there that would not be famous or be doing the kinda thing they do if it wasn’t for the internet. YouTube has made guys like Ylvis (guys who wrote what does the fox say) world famous. They are chat show hosts in Norway who wrote the song as a gag for their show. They were not really known outside their own country until The Fox went viral online. They now have 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube and that song has close to half a billion hits!

Walk off the earth would have had no reason to cover Gotyes song somebody that I used to know with all 5 members of the band playing a different part of the same guitar if there was no one there to see it! I’m sure everyone has seen it as it went viral in 2012 but just in case here is the link.

I am probably going to reference this band allot as they do amazing covers and allot of the time its of songs that were made digitally. I personally love seeing songs made on a computer covered with actual instruments!

There are also examples of music videos out there that you would not download as an mp3 but are fantastic to watch. My friend linked me this video from YouTube partner called Rob Cantor with 67 thousand subscribers. He is singing a song called ‘Shia Labeouf’. To be fair it is incredibly well arranged and choreographed! But its not the kinda thing you would listen to on mp3. And without YouTube he would have had no reason to write the song. I’m just gonna throw that up here too because it is fairly epic!


To sum up this short entry, without the internet we wouldn’t have as much musical comedy, allot or artists would’t have been discovered and some musicians probably wouldn’t be so creative.

xoxo, Gossip Girl out.


First Entry

Don’t really know how to start this to be honest but here it goes. My name is Colm Barrett. I’m a first year student studying Digital Humanities and Information Technology at University College Cork. As part of my digital humanities module i’m required to write a blog. I’v spent the last week or so wondering what to write it on and since I have an avid interest in music I settled on that. I come from a very musical family and have been playing instruments since as long as I can remember really. I play drums guitar and piano. Starting to teach myself ukulele but that’s just for fun. I’m not sure what direction i’m going to take this blog in at the moment. For now I have settled on the title Music I the digital age as my course is pretty much about everything going digital. For better or worse!

With practically nobody paying for there music anymore the industry is starting to suffer and it may effect it drastically in the future. If music companies are coming out with less and less money they are going to have less money available to invest in potential new artists. Its not just the artists people are essentially stealing songs from or the music stores or iTunes that are suffering. I will do a full entry on this at some point in the near future.

As i continue on with this blog i will probably start to share artists that i personally think deserve more recognition than they get. Not that it matters too much as I cant imagine anyone other that my lecturers, tutors or maybe some of my classmates are reading this! There are some amazing musicians out there that only have a small following and then there are artists like the black eyed peas for example who cant even stay in tune while using auto tune. That’s not even a joke in fact I will actually post a video of the black eyed peas live but I warn you it is painful to watch.

And of course they get a standing ovation from the judges who constantly criticise each others finalists although most of them are very talented singers. Again I will do a full entry on xfactor and all that in the future.

I will probably do a post on the pros and cons of digital music toys like auto tune and loop stations in one of my next entries too. Although it has made some people with very little musical talent rich and famous, when they are used properly can make some amazing music. Here is a video from the front man of walk off the earth doing an amazing cover of love the way you lie by Eminem using several instruments and a loop station.

Just one example of how technology can be used to create amazing music. You have the black eyed peas playing to millions of people not really giving too much of a shit and then there is Johnny in his living room giving it everything.

xoxo, Gossip Girl.

(Wasn’t quite sure how you’re supposed to sign off these things that’s the only example I could find)